My Services

R550/1 hour session

One-on-one sessions are offered as a means to build a unique therapeutic relationship. In the first session, we will evaluate whether individual therapy is the appropriate choice for you. We will then dicuss how we will move forward in the counselling process. Thereafter, we will continue with sessions as necessary, working towards the specific therapy goals suited to you.

R600/1 hour session

Couples therapy can be extremely beneficial in supporting those in romantic relationships who are struggling with any sort of problems. Sessions will be aimed at developing communication between you and your partner, in order to bring cohesiveness to the relationship, and to figure out whether the relationship can work. In the first session, I see both partners together to get a sense of where you are at. Thereafter, I see each person for an individual session before seeing both of you together again for the sessions to follow. 

R600/1 hour session

Group therapy is targeted towards any group of people who wish to engage in counselling as a group. This could be a family, for instance. As with couples therapy, counselling will focus on developing communication and cohesiveness within the group dynamic, and in supporting issues as they arise.


Rates to be discussed

In addition to counselling services, I offer workshops on a range of topics such as anger management, bullying, grief and trauma. Arrangements can be made for such workshops to be held at your school or organisation. Please contact me to discuss any potential workshop topic.