Why Counselling?

Counselling is an excellent support system that can assist you in managing your mental health and wellbeing. Counselling differs from psychotherapy, in that counsellors do not make diagnoses. This means we often deal with a wide range of mental health difficulties, and in some cases would refer you on to a Psychologist. As a counsellor, my goal is not to provide you with answers, but to help you to find those answers within yourself, so that you are equipped to deal with these issues should they arise in future.

Counselling usually consists of 6-8 sessions, but this will be evaluated on an individuals basis, and in many cases, clients may wish to continue with counselling beyond 8 sessions.

  • stress management,

  • body image issues,

  • dealing with trauma,

  • relationship problems,

  • emotional regulation difficulties,

  • and any area in which you feel you are not coping with in your everyday life.

Reasons for attending counselling might be: